Request to know the status server

I read the guidelines. Sorry to post this here.

I am following up with the current situation. My Domain uses as per PhpMyAdmin and a random IP Address check tool i used, But the site when visited shows a 404 error.

  1. Can you please let us know which all IP Address has their data lost.
  2. Is this 404 issue due to any current maintenance on the server (because its not listed on the IPs listed)

Website ip showing 404 and 403, ftp also unreachable

I think website ip and facing the same issue [server returns 404]… Check the topic.

If you think that you are facing the same issue (server and ftp). Reply there It will helps many affected website owner. I am going to list this issue related ip’s

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My website is also sadly affected.

One of my site also using this ip. I am facing 404, (sometimes 403) and ftp issue. Here is the problem description.

1 Like is the FTP server IP. If you pointed your domain to that IP, of course it won’t work. Your website is available on your website IP. The FTP IP is only used for FTP.

And, for the record, the FTP server itself is working fine.

The hosting volume your account is on, on the other hand, is not: