Request to delete an account


I would like to delete this hosting account. I was affected by the previous vol1_2 data loss and now i can’t add any domains. All of em return a 403 once added or a 404 if removed. So i decided to recreate a new account. When deactivated, it says itll be deleted in 60 days or sooner if requested. So if possible do delete it

That’s not what it says. When you delete an account, it enters deactivated state. When it is in that state, it does not count ageist your 3 account limit. Account will be permanently removed after 60 days, and not sooner due to legal reasons.


I have no idea where you got this, because we clearly state everywhere that they CANNOT be deleted earlier and that you should not ask for it because we can’t make exceptions.

In any case, why do you want to delete it so badly? A deactivated account without domains doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t count towards your 3 account limit and doesn’t affect your other accounts, including any domains that were previously hosted on the deactivated account.


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