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When going to my free SSL certificates, clicking the “Request SSL certificate” button does nothing and therefore I’m stuck with an expired certificate.


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Pls read…

Pls read…

therefore I’m stuck with an expired certificate

I have already installed the certificate and it was working properly. It has now expired and I’m unable to get a new one because the button isn’t working

Is your CNAME still there?

Yes. Every record is there and state as “Ready”. The button is just broken, it takes me to the top of the page without attempting to do anythi

No choice you hv to wait for Admin then

If the button is white, it means it’s disabled and there is some reason you can’t get a certificate.

In your case, it’s probably because you already have a fairly new certificate from a month ago which you can just use. The currently installed certificate is expired, but you already have two newer ones which are still valid.


Make sure to do CNAME

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