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Hello, and good day!

I marvel at how good Infinityfree is. While I have not used it for a while myself, its ease of use and fairly decent limits keep me in wonder. I thank you for your wonderful hosting and that it may keep going forever and ever until the end of time!

However, I have an improvement that I shall request.

I know that you do not have the capacity, nor the incentive to add a new server language. However, I feel that this one is of particular interest due to its vast superiority to all other languages - Malbolge.

In case you don’t know what it is, you can read the Wikipedia page on it. As you can gather from the information, its quality and relative ease to use are shocking!

You may not want to upgrade to use it, but here I provide some reasons for upgrading to it.

a) Malbolge is fun.

Who doesn't like dealing with base-three arithmetic, counter intuitive operations and self-altering code?

b) Malbolge is easy to use.

Arguably anyone who suffers long enough learns to cope. Most of us here are really smart, and so I think we can pick it up quickly enough. After using it more and more, we will learn ways to use it more efficiently and easily.

c) Malbolge enhances critical thinking skills.

Anyone who can code for 3 seconds using this language without screaming and pounding their keyboard in despair and rage has learned both patience, self-control and critical thinking skills (how would you code without a keyboard).

So, as you see, Malbolge would be a big improvement. It was named after a place in hell in Dante’s Inferno for a reason. No pain no gain, and I think the devs will thank you, admin, for switching (or adding) Malbolge as an option. They will learn the skills to be a better developer. Not only that, but they will code in a comfortable environment. The wonders of Infinityfree paired with the beautiful coding language will make your business grow exponentially.

I hope you consider my request, and a good day to you all!

I know this is a very late april fools post, but hey, Malbolge would be fun!!! Not kidding at that!!!
Green ok’d this so pls have mercy
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Don’t know what you’re trying to get at here… :confused:

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I made it even funnier.

I know you don't have the ability or desire to create a new server language. However, I find this language very interesting because it has a huge advantage over other languages ​​- Malbolj.

If you don’t know what that is, you can read Wikipedia page 2 above. The quality and ease of use of the data is impressive!

You may not want to update with it, but here are a few reasons to improve.

a) Malbol is very tasty.

Who doesn’t like dealing with 3-digit numbers, countermeasures, and evolutionary code?
b) Malbolge is easy to use.

Surely one who has suffered for a long time will learn to cope. I think most of us here are smart enough that we can quickly understand. Once we use it correctly, we will learn how to use it effectively and easily.
c) Malbolge develops critical thinking skills.

In this language, anyone who can press the keyboard in 3 seconds without slamming the keyboard with frustration and anger has learned patience, discipline, and critical thinking skills (how to code without a keyboard).
As you can see, Malbol will be very good. There’s a reason why Dante’s name is Inferno. No pain, no benefit, thanks to the manufacturers for switching to Malbolge (or contributing). They will gain the skills to be a good producer of products. Moreover, with the help of their convenience, they will receive a code. Combining InfinityFree with a great coding language will make your work even better.

I hope you consider my request and wish everyone a wonderful day!

I know April is the last post, but Malbolge would be great! “I am not disappointed! ,


heh :rofl:


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