Replace subdomain with my owned domain

During my journey experiencing infinity in this hosting service , I have lack aknowledge on how to replace existing subdomain with my owned domain..

I  have hosted in 12** and i have my owned domain

My aim is to replace that and access the site from new owned domain, so all link with will be

And how to replace with

Thank you for any answer able tobsolve my issue
What I would do to replace the domain name boils down to this:
  1. Add your own domain as an Addon Domain to the hosting account.
  2. Copy the files from the folder of your old domain the folder of the new domain.
  3. Update the settings of your website to use the new domain. How to do this (if at all necessary) depends on the software you're using for your website.
  4. Remove the files of the old subdomain, and setup a redirect to forward all traffic to the new domain. You can use the Redirects tool in the control panel for this.
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We use wordpress for the site.

Now i have add on domain and its subdomain.

When I changed site url and wordpress url to subdomain the site wont uploaded.

And I cannot access wp-admin.

I change back the url to previouse state through database directly.

Now my wp site should work normal and accessible. But the fact i cannot access both front and admin site.
What happen..?

Did you copy the files from WordPress to the directory of the new domain? And what do you see when you try to visit your new domain right now (with your website still running on the subdomain)?

I have already the copy of the site in my new subdomsin ( ie:

But the issue i told previusly is on old subdomain (ie : I cannot access both the admin and front. I had changed this setting on Site URL  to and also Wordpress Address with the same value.

When i accessed, it was just displaying list of folder. With the message "nothing such file found"   or some such kind messsge , I forget the exact error message.

I have set its htaccess to its default but still cannot access both site old and new.

Accessing i get the server cannot be found or such message.

Now should I make lot of settings on new fresh instaled wp . Or should i create new infinity account...

I am now in stack foolish without anything i can do through my site.

I am now upon on you....

OK, I'm getting a bit confused now.

First of all, are the domain names you posted example URLs or your real website URLs? The free subdomain is not in use, and the new domain name does not seem to have been registered.

I'd like to help you to the best of my abilities, but to do so, it would help a lot if I can check your domain name configuration. If you don't want to tell the real domain names, that's OK, but then I only have your description to go by, and can only give you vague, generic information.

If you could point out the current URL of your website where it can be accessed right now, as well as the URL you want to move the site to, I can check what's still left to do.
What I told you is my real case. My subdomain and domain isnt. It just an instance that close to my registered ones.
It is Ok ,  If it is very necessary to give you access to my site domain. I am really dont have any idea to get my site, unless install new one and work from scratch again, but it must take a difficult effort because all the setting and paragraph have been saved in original site. It is imposible. But I cannot access anything through my original url too. So this is make me in hanging in stack.
Is there any way of url that able to access the admin site ?

Original subdomain registered in yours :

My addon on domain I own regeistered domain :

Is there any thing of information that I have to provide in other to look arround my site issues ?

Upon along with your answer , you are the best IT client suppport in the world....

Thank you for providing the domain names.

I checked first. It returned a blank page for me, which appears to have been caused by a broken wp-content folder. I merged the two folders and the website opens again now. However, it seems to be a fairly clean WordPress installation, not a migrated website.

In Softaculous, I see you have two WordPress installations, one for the free subdomain, one for the own domain.

Am I correct to assume you installed a new copy of WordPress and then tried to migrate the content from the free subdomain into it using some kind of backup/migration plugin?

To move forward from this point, I would suggest to:
  1. Remove the WordPress installation from (you can so that through Softaculous).
  2. Remove any backup or migration plugins you were using to switch domains. You don't need them, and those "don't worry, we'll handle everything for you" plugins tend to break more than they fix.
  3. Follow the official guide from WordPress about moving your website to a different directory: . You'll need to move the files from the htdocs/ folder to the folder. This works best with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla.

Ouh …thank you.

I have tried your asuggestion . But it seeem too slow to work on transfering thousands files.

Is there any methode ?

How to let cs do that directly from the server window. ? Is that posiible ?.How much I will be charged for such kind service ?

Because the network here is bad or too slow to do that ftp task

Sadly, FTP does not support moving files on the server. FTP can download files and upload files to a different location, but not move them in place.

Operations with a large number of files is quite slow with FTP, especially if you are far away from the FTP servers (which are in the UK).

So all I can say is to just start the transfer and have patience while the FTP client does it’s job.

I would cry loudly now…:slight_smile:

What I meant in the previouse message is, how to let the customer service or IT staff at outstanding service to copy that folders and files. I think this just need a little efford to do that from the server operation management.

How about if I upgrade to premium, is there any simple and no-datalossing-risk methode to transfer that folders and files ?

Anyway thank you very much. For all the advice you have given for the site being relocated.

The job is just begining, we always need to contact you…

Is there any script like this functionality ?

Have nice day. I have to do other task. So I wiil see the answer from you some hours forwarded.

I am forget to tell yu, I am stll cannot access from front page nor admin dashboard

I’m sorry, but we cannot provide that level of service for free hosting. I can provide information and advice, but I can’t do server actions for you.

Absolutely! After your iFastNet account has been created, you can send them a ticket and ask them to import the website for you.

Possibly. But for security reasons, websites on free hosting can’t write to the folders of other websites, even on the same account. So a script would not be able to move the files.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know why that happens. The account itself seems to be able to serve pages (e.g., so I don’t know why your website doesn’t load.

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Are you not curious to know where the cause of the website crashes, so that you have the contents of the bag when answering almost the same problem.

There is no way i think, while i am still trying to copy those folders to the new location, unless I should upgrade the account, so I can send a ticket to do to copy the folders.

Could you check for me once again why the site cannot be loaded again.

I have done several times typing that address in browser bar, but the page only send a “white”-“board”…

You are still the best IT client service in the world…

Honestly, not really. There was a time where I would dig into individual websites, but after a while you realize that it’s generally either a botched upgrade, bad configuration or a poorly written plugin or theme. And the latter ones take quite a bit of time to figure out, especially if you don’t know the plugins or themes and don’t have access to the WP admin area (sure, you can hack it if you have access to the database, but breaking into a customer’s website feels wrong).

Thank you so much for have shared your experience on the same issues.

I can access to data base through phpmyadmin , but i dont know which part that i have to modify to let the site works again…

Now I really need your help inm order the site works again.
If posible can you give us backup of the site. You might download that site easily in your server, but it is hard for us downloading that site with thousands files & directories.
The site going to this account.
Thank you for the support.
Once again if I upgrade to premium is it posible for us to get that files of the site ?

Thanks again

If the goal is to upgrade to premium hosting, it’s by far the easiest to just purchase a premium account and ask iFastNet to migrate your website for you. They can handle the migration for you, and you don’t need to download the files yourself to do that.

There is sadly no way to download the contents of your account as one big archive.

ok. thank s alot for suports.
I choose to keep the site on the account.
but i need iFastnet to handle the issue why my site cannot be loaded.
Can you check where is the issues might occur with my wordpress ?
Thank you very much

i have got this messge : “Gateway Timeout”
when i acces my site

One on one staff support is a premium only feature. So if you want staff help with fixing your website, you need to upgrade. You can’t stay on free hosting and then get help from the premium staff to fix your website.