Repeated suspensions

My account is epiz_27148879

My main website is but there is also

Yesterday we notified that the account was suspended for 24 hours. The note indicated this was for but our main site also appeared suspended - not accessible on the web.

This was the second time this has happened since April 20th - first on April 24th, then again yesterday.

Our site is static HTML and typically will receive less than 10 hits in a day.

Today, seems to have been reinstated but we have received a further mail saying the account has been suspended again and that the account has been “taken down due to abuse”.

What is going on ???

The appears still accessible online. is only a test site that is never used. We do not give the address to anyone and we haven’t made any changes to it for over a year.

The site is static HTML. Google Analytics shows just 7 hits yesterday whereas your email quoted over 50,000.

When is this issue going to stop ?

I have checked with iFastNet. Some communication got lost somewhere, because another issue was solved on the 27th of April. Initial inspection show that this appears to have resolved things.

Are people still having this issue?

@katemercyglass You’re not affected. A few things I see on your account.

You were suspended for hitting the EP limit on the 24th. On the 1st of May, you were suspended for reaching the hits limit. This topic is about the EP limit and only the EP limit. The hits limit is a different limit, and not the subject of this topic.

Google Analytics does not record hits. Google Analytics records page views as the smallest unit of traffic, which is not the same as a hit. Also Google Analytics runs as Javascript in the browser, which means it can be blocked (with ad blockers, for example), or isn’t loaded at all (by crawlers or embeds from other sites). So Google Analytics cannot record all traffic, but our servers do.

Please read this article to learn what a hit is (spoiler: it’s not another word for “page view”, “visit” or “visitor”): What does the hits limit mean


(post deleted by author)

I have given up with your organisation and moved elsewhere.

You have serious systems issues that you clearly haven’t accepted or even recognised. I don’t believe for a second that my site had the number of hits you seem to believe.

Please close my account and delete all content

That’s ok. Many people don’t understand the number of bots that scrounge the internet looking for vulnerabilities. I have a private website I use for testing purposes only (Not a public URL), and it regularly gets thousands of hits every week from ‘hidden’ visitors (Visitors that don’t run javascript, weather that be privacy-minded people, or bots).

You can delete your account in the client area under settings, and all your posts here will be anonymized.


@katemercyglass I too was having these issues, i created a new account on infinityfree and moved my content and domain name to it and havent had any issues after that

Im just guessing but I think something went screwy with some existing accounts after the upgrade but new accounts are ok ?

Anyways for me it solved the issues completely

Maybe try this it may fix the problems for you too ?

----- edit ----

oh sorry I didnt see the part of your post that said you have already moved somewhere else

I moved your posts to a separate topic. I already explained why your issue is not related to the subject of the topic. If you believe that there is another issue on our hosting, we can discuss it, but only in a separate topic, not by derailing an official announcement about an unrelated issue.

So far, this issue only affects you. So while I have no hard evidence either way, it seems more likely to me that the traffic really happened, even if it may not have been desirable traffic.

And while on one hand I’m curious to know what actually happened, we cannot realistically spend many hours of technical effort to debug individual cases like this on a free service.


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