Removing my email account

I can’t remove/delete my email account. ([email protected]) I only want email forwarding for that address. I need help removing the email account including password and roundcube password. I have spent about 2 hours trying to remove it with no success. Any ideas?

Did you try clicking the Delete button next to the email account in the control panel?

Yes. I posted a wordy explanation here yesterday, but I don’t see it. Did you receive it?

When in Email Accounts/Add section my email address is filled in and the password is 13 dots. There is no Delete button and there is nothing in the Modify section. If I click the Add button then the Modify section has my full email address, a 12 dot password followed by the Change Password button and the Delete button. Clicking the Delete button changes nothing. When the Webmail was down a week ago I somehow managed to change the password to 12 characters, but I can’t change it back to 13 characters. The 12 character password works on RoundCube webmail, but I see no way to delete that account. I think I need help to start with a clean slate. I don’t want or need webmail; I just want the Bob/mydomain address to be forwarded to my regular address. I hope you can help me make that possible.

For this time, I’ve split your message off to a separate topic. But next time, please don’t hijack someone else’s unrelated topic to ask your own question.

I have checked your account but I don’t see any email accounts or forwarders there right now. What is the exact email address you want to delete?

I unintentionally posted the reply in the wrong topic. I thought I’d posted an answer to your reply in my original post, “Removing My email account”. I apologize to the poster, forum and you - I have slapped my forehead thrice.

I am trying to remove [email protected]

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you posted the same message in multiple topics. I’ve merged the topics together now. I’m sorry for the mess.

This is what I see in your control panel. I don’t see any email accounts there which need to be deleted. Are you seeing this same page as well?

Yes, I see the same page, but it’s filled in automatically. Maybe I’ve got something set wrong at Namesilo. I just found out that Firefox was filling it out. Edge and IE showed it blank like your screen shot. Now I just need to get forwarding working if that is possible on a main domain. I’m sorry for the trouble and you can close/delete this post as far as I’m concerned, Thank you.

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