Removing mx records

i just created my business email with zoho
how can i delete my existing mx records so as to use those of zoho?

Hello there,

You cannot delete the default MX records but you can just ignore it as it will not really affect how you will be able to receive emails with Zoho, just add Zoho’s MX records and wait up to 24 hours until your MX record will fully propagate then you will be able to receive your emails just fine.


You can remove your MX record for your domain, but you can’t remove for main server domain.
You don’t have to remove your MX record if you understand about MX priority number:

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Just click the Delete button next to the domain name for which you want to delete the default MX record?

And if you are getting the error “Please contact support MX Records can not be altered on subdomains”, please see this article:


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