Removing Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate


I got Let’s Encrypt SSL right now. However, I can’t use Jetpack plugin cuz of CA Chain I guess. When I try to setup Jetpack, It gives me " Curl " errors.

I deleted certificate but it did not work. I have still SSL connection.

How can I remove this?

Thank you

Domain :

Can you try adding your domain to CloudFlare manually?
Do not use CloudFlare integration inside the VPanel

You need to revoke the SSL cert.
Remove your SSL domain from the Infinity SSL tool.


I already deleted certificate and cname, still got ssl, don’t know why :frowning:

It might be that the certificate is still loaded in when the certificate is deleted through the control panel. This could be a bug.

On the other hand, what exactly are you hoping will happen by deleting the SSL certificate? Sure, the Let’s Encrypt installation is completely so you get SSL errors because of that. But what do you expect will happen if you remove the certificate? I think Jetpack will still get SSL errors, and then your browser will too because you’re using HTTPS without an SSL certificate installed.

If you don’t want to use SSL, make sure your website doesn’t use HTTPS. So change your Website URL back to instead of https://, remove any .htaccess rules which enforce redirects and remove extensions like Really Simple SSL.

Having your website configured for HTTPS and removing SSL will not make your website use HTTP. It will make your website inaccessible instead.


I think I handled it. I used cloudflare and its printed on Let’s Encrypt’s Certificate. Anyway Thx for your interest KangJL

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Thanks for your interest Admin :wink:

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