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Hi Infinity! We love you, but we gotta go! Would you be able to help remove our domain from the account? We are unable to do so :frowning: Appreciate if you could help us, thanks!

You can remove the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the control panel.

Hello! We tried to but we cannot see our domain in “Addon Domains” too hence we need a professional’s help.

Try the “Parked Domains” section

Edit: You are not the only one complaining about this. There may be a system error. Admin will check it out when he comes online. Please be patient.

Yeah I hope admin helps soon. I went to all the domain areas like parked, addon, sub, and redirects etc. but there’s nothing. :frowning: Sigh and it’s kinda urgent cos it’s our event site. Thank you for tryna help kind one!

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Where are you moving to?

If @mielle, is moving to another paid hosting provider, this shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe @mielle is moving to another free hosting on the byet network

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