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I have a file that I use as the background, it is a 60mb .gif approximately, I upload it with FTP, but the problem is that it deletes itself, it is the only file that happens to you, any idea?

My web is

Because it is reaching 10mb limit, files bigger than 10 cannot be uploaded, if they do they’ll be automatically deleted.


And also please check the Knowledge Base first next time.


But in the forum it says that files of more than 10 MB have to be uploaded with FTP, and they even explain to you how, there is no point in deleting it

And any ideas to upload that file?

I saw that post, but to explain how to upload files larger than 10 mb if they are deleted?
And how could I upload it or what could I do?

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No, only the files can be purged to smaller files.

How? Im new in this world jeje :sweat_smile:

I tried with Mediafire and Dropbox and dont work

You cannot purge GIF files.
you should host it in one of these:

  1. SugarSync. …
  2. ElephantDrive. …
  3. IDrive. …
  4. Microsoft OneDrive. …
  5. Google Drive. …
  6. MediaFire. …
  7. Dropbox.
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And how would I put in the code, the link where the gif would be?

It should be something like this if your site is using HTML.

<img src="">

If you want to specify a size then you can use this:

<img src="" height="360" width="360">
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This is my code and... Dont work jaja

body background=“Dropbox - background.gif - Simplify your life” weight=100% high=100%

* body style=‘background:url(Dropbox - background.gif - Simplify your life); weight:100%; high:100%;’


okey okey, It works, I was putting the link that was not.
Thanks to all!! <3

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