Remove self signed certificate

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Can’t remove self signed certificate and use other one

Other Information

I want to remove self singed certificate, because it’s not trusted by browsers.

Simply remove existing certificate, replace the private key, and upload your new certificate!

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Kindly share the error mesg also then only we can check what causes that error.
Same time as per your statement i can understand that you are trying to use other one by replacing existing one.

As far as i know, you will not see any success mesg even though you update proper certificate.But you can get error if you upload wrong certificate.
by this way only we can confirm about the certificate upload properly or not.

And it will not update immediatly. It take time due to DNS propagation. So patient more important.
As well as caches also play a role.So kindly clear it or use incognito after if once you completed ssl certificate upload.

as you say self singed certificate not trusted by browsers.
Here you site ssl info

If you’ve already requested a new certificate to replace the current certificate with, you can just replace the current private key with the new private key and upload that. Doing so will also clear the Certificate field. You can then upload your new certificate too.

Removing certificates doesn’t really work, but there isn’t really a good reason to delete them either. Not having a certificate will leave you with broken HTTPS too, so whatever your end goal is, deleting the certificate will not help you.


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