Remove my Suspension

My suspension came from EP cuz some noob ddosed me i have proof


Can you lift the fucking ban its not my fault there was a flood of 80k bots towards my site

  1. Watch your language.

  2. If IF unsuspeded your site, it will just get attacked again.

  3. Accounts are not unsuspended earlier upon request. If you want your account unsuspended, upgrade to premium.

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So it can get ddosed again with premium? no thank you

Probably the same guy who caused outages on every server. I think hes called “Empire”

i know DavidLinux it all goes together and i mostly got like 70k out of the alleged 100k bots to my site and yeah

Any website can get DDoS-ed regardless of where it’s hosted.

I could go into detail here, but I wrote a few long posts about them already last week where I outline the point:

TL;DR: If your website gets attacked, we’re taking that out of your server power allocation. Undesired traffic is still traffic and traffic uses server power, which is a limited commodity. We’re not going to allocate you with additional server capacity to handle the attack on your website, and hurting everyone else’s site in the progress, or pay for that server power for a handful of sites getting attacked.

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Yes he is called “Empire”. I’m gonna report his Discord account. I shared the chat logs between me and him earlier in a topic here but you can also dm me for it if you need. And he apparently discussed that he was going to do the DDoS attack in the recently posted unofficial IF Discord server.

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