Remove hosting, domain is now suspended

I decided to change my domain host from infinity free to somewhere else but now my domain is suspended after i deactivated my domain on infinity free. I’ve read that it takes 90 days for the account to be deleted but I didn’t realize this would suspend my domain. Does that mean my domain will be inactive for 90 days?! I have my dns directing to my new host but it’s not working – my site keeps redirecting to which is incredibly frustrating. What can I do???

Nevermind. I found the article:

If this domain of yours came from other provider, such as Namecheap or else (outside infinityfree) you can simply remove Nameserver and/or records related to Infinityfree server (A, AAA, TXT, MX, anything) and connect to your recent provider.

This suspension only affect the server you’ve occupied, not the domain name.

And I’m sorry for your leaving, hope you for the best!