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username : epiz_23281553
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Please Help I Want Delete DNS and Move Hosting, but still can add domain. Admin Infinityfee Please Help

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From where u need to dlt DNS?
From which host to which host you would like to move hosting?

where i can remove DNS?

In which ur domain was registered

i was deleted on addon domain in infinityfree , and i delete setting on managed dns + name server from provider domain. and still like this

“(XID pmvhwu) A DNS entry for “mydomain” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from this server or all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed.”

Then all you need to do is wait!
DNS propagation will take some time!
Before that clear ur cache and check!


Where are you trying to add this domain exactly? And where do you see this error? Because this error looks like a cPanel error, and we don’t use cPanel.

In cPanel, it means that the domain name in question is already configured on that server. So if you’re trying to move your domain to another cPanel, please check with your cPanel hosting provider where this domain name is being used.


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