Reinstalling Backup

I had my wordpress website hosted on but now I want to transfer it to hosting, so, now I had taken the backup of my wordpress website using Duplicator Plugin and my file is of 80.9MB but the file upload limit Infinityfree Free account’s File Manager is 10MB only, so now how do I restore the backup for free? As I don’t want to purchase the premium hosting.

Any kind of help would be appriciated

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Do the above at your old host then import it here.

Also, I don’t recommend the use of backup plugins here, as they can sometimes push you over the limits and get your account suspended for 24 hours. As long as you take a database backup every week or so, and a FTP backup after core updates, you should be fine.


Welcome, I have a great solution.
There is a function called Softaculous App Installer in your InfinityFree panel, you can open it, then switch to the WordPress Manager, choose Remote Import, then enter the information of your old website’s FTP account, and you get it! The whole importing progress is automatic and it is fast and safe. All your database and website files are transfered into your new website and its database.

If you still need help, please feel free to ask me.


@Grassie Thanks for your suggestion but the files are currently on my localhost, my previous domain was suspended that’s why I have to transfer my website backup on infinityfree subdomain


OK. But remember that single file limitation is 10MB.

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