Registration Problem

Hello, I want to upgrade my account and register on Ifastnet, but it requires VAT number, I dont know what this is, and I think, as I have searched in internet, I dont have such one. pls help me to fix the problem.

Well I think such question should go to them (iFastNet) instead here.

VAT is required for taxing purpose, and is controlled by government. And to get that, it might have different procedure from one to another, so you should google yourself “how to get vat number in [insert_country_here]”.

The VAT number is optional. If you're an EU company and want to get back your VAT, you have to enter your VAT number.

If you're outside of the EU, you don't have to pay EU VAT to begin with. If you're an EU citizen, you have to pay EU VAT anyways.