Registrar not accepting DNS from epiz or byet

Will InfinityFree solve this problem? With Brazilian registrarsrefusing DNS validation and asking us to talk with our hosting support and nothing at all being done - how can I keep using InfinityFree like this? Both or don’t work.

Please, help! I can see we have many users with the same issue.

My website URL is:


Yes. This part I get from other posts. My .com Domains (using Gandhi) works like a charm to use the InfinityFree DNS - The Brazilian registrar don’t.

My problem is that I need this domain, already paid for 2 years! What am I suppose to do now? Go to other place than InfinityFree and start all over? If that is the answer, please - tell me so I can do the changes quickly.


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You can change the registrar to GoDaddy or any other that works with but doesn’t do the check we talked about.
P.S. I don’t know what is the transfer price

Then you can use our hosting


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