Regarding to my hosting issue

Dear sir/Madam
i Create account Custom domain last week But still pending My Domain name (
I already i am change the server name This both change ( and but still not accepted so please help me ASAP

Error Message

(please share the FULL error message you see)

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it takes time for a domain name to syncronize around the worlds name servers

when I registed it took 2 days to become registered, it can be faster or even slower but it always takes time

another thing, freenom have been having some issues with domain registration lately so you might have a problem

how long has it been since you registered your domain name ?

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sorry I see your post you say it was registered last week !, thats far too long
maybe you need to get in touch with them

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i was just searching on google for your domain name to see if anything shows up but only this forum post and

If I enter the domain in the Domain Checker in our client area, it tells me that there are no nameservers on the domain.

We see a lot of posts here from Freenom users with similar issues: people set the nameservers in their domain but the settings just aren’t being applied at all. I have no idea what’s causing this issue.

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