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i have contact form with mail.php i have done everything all system settings it perfect i m not recieving an email when persons message me on
thats someones design am using it just to check it but when am trying to use in this on another free web host like 000web its working properly am recieving email when someones message me on contact form but when i tried to install in this infinity nothing happened am not recieving an email nothing stuck with this -__-

please resolve this



no they said to sending mail am talking about to recieving emails.

That script you are using SENDS you that email :/

Its not script its php have to know more about what admin replies what for his reply -_-

Script = Anything written using programming language used to execute command on machine.
PHP = Is a programming language.

Can you please read the article i sent above? It already explains why you cannot receive emails from your website.


I tried this but not working lore

Why are you swearing?

Please be gentle and do not use abusive language on this forum.

I have nothing to add. We heavily restrict email sending so contact forms don’t work if they use PHP mail. You can use an external SMTP or email sending service to send email. We have an example contact form here:


yea thanks for this.really Appreciated.

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