Regarding Mcrypt Library or php extensions

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Mcrypt library not found

I’m using this software: ninja media script

Additional information: i have 2 domains hosting through you, namely and
i uploaded same script on both the websites via ftp and were successfully uploaded too!
when i redirected to installers in them that is
it shows here that mcrypt library is available and is also successfully being installed in the domain (i mean the script)
but for the same, when i go to my main domain that is and redirect to same installer here that is , it shows here that Mcrypt library is not available here and also doesn’t exceeds further. when i tried calling developer, they said contact your hosting company.
please see to the same that why Mcrypt library is available in one and why not in the other for the same. Please try to enable Mcrypt library in as if the websites gains a few followers, i shall upgrade to the premium ones for sure.
please do the best from your side and enable it soon in my hosting.

mcrypt was removed from PHP in version 7.2, because it’s outdated and insecure. We run PHP 7.3, so mcrypt is no longer available as an extension. You can/should use Sodium or OpenSSL instead: PHP: Introduction - Manual

If you really, really need to use mcrypt, you can downgrade your account to PHP 5.6. But know that you’re living on borrowed time: mcrypt and php 5 are bad and there will come a time where you can’t use them anymore.

Please contact your developer and let them know about this, and suggest that if they are still using mcrypt, they should probably not be writing their own cryptography code in the first place.

what if i downgrade to php 5.6, will mcrypt will be enabled automatically?

Yes, if you switch to PHP 5.6, you get the PHP 5.6 extensions. This includes all the core extensions of PHP, including mcrypt.

But I will repeat that this is a workaround. The real fix is to stop using mcrypt.

i changed php version , where can i see my enabled php extensions?

The easiest way is to create a PHP info file. Simply create a new file with the .php extension and the contents <?php phpinfo(); and open that in your browser. That page will show all modules and settings enabled for your account right now.

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