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Hi and welcome to the forum

You can visit this link and solve it by email


In case you don’t get an email, here’s an useful guide.


This solution did not work. Says my site is not set up to send emails, er sompin!

Hi DeMcClung,

Free hosting does not come with the ability to send email, let alone if you have configured it or not.

To regain access to the site, check your client area and you’ll find phpMyAdmin, which is the place for managing your database. Since you have already set it up, you know that the wp_* tables are for your WordPress website, simply go to the one that has the name wp_users and you can see your account row there.

To reset the password, you need to replace the user_pass value to a new hashed password in MD5. To do that, use the following link and convert a temporary password into MD5:

The temporary password is not intended for long-term usage, and you should not put your real passwords into the website, just the one that we’ll use to bypass your password once and before another password reset.

Once that’s done, immediately navigate to your login page and login with your temporary password, then go to your account settings and have your password changed immediately.

This way you can reset password without messing with email.

And yes, now you know whoever has access to your database can do the same to enter your account lol. (Actually once they have database access they won’t be needing your account to do stuff anyways lol)



The email accounts are gone, while PHP mail() is still there. Yes, it’s true that it was heavily restricted so it’s almost unusable, but it’s still there, and under rare cases it might work.

That is to say, nobody will stop you from configuring an external SMTP service, which is far more applicable here.


No offence, at least I’m not taking the guess work on which email is getting approved for sending, just reset the damn thing lol :joy:

So I said external SMTP is far more applicable — if you hope that PHP mail() can work here, I suggest you to rather hope to win $1M by tomorrow :joy:

And yes, for this particular issue, just go to the DB and change stuffs would of course be quicker.


I’ve been trying for 3 days to make this work. My passwords will not work. I can’t get on the site editor which is WP and not Pro-Site as it seems to think. At any rate I am tired of wasting my time. There are other places that , at least, have support. And this thing about email, what kind of site host does not offer at least one email account, especially for the purposes of communicating with a user? I’m not a tecky. I like simple. All this stuff about MD5, Hash generator, etc. is beyond my pay grade. As for checking my “client area” [whatever that is] I can’t get to any of that unless I can login to my account. Which seems impossible. Believe me I have tried… dozens of times… and NOTHING! At any rate, if the host or someone who knows how to fix this does so within the next 24 hours I will consider keeping the site. Regards, De McClung

Hi DeMcClung,

If you’re not willing to learn, or you won’t take a step forward because of your pay grade then look for another job that pays you will, as all of us here are not being paid at all. We’re just a community to support each other who use this free hosting.

Since this is a free service, do not expect there will be enterprise level support, as you (or your boss) must pay actual $$$ for that.

The fact that you can post here already shows you’re logged in the platform, just not your website. They are 2 separate accounts.

To get to the client area, look below the forum logo and you’ll find a link to “Client Area”


Once you got into it, try the solution above again. But since you’ve mentioned it’s beyond your pay grade, escalate it to your boss and see how that goes.



Sure thing.

Have you tried Client Area > Current Hosting Account > Softaculous > WordPress Manager then login from there?

If you can’t see any installations, can you try using the “Scan” option as shown in the last screenshot?

After successfully loaded your Admin Dashboard you can go to Profiles > Change Password to change your password.


Just to be very clear: we just provide hosting, you provide the website that runs on it. We provide tools to help you manage it (like Softaculous), but ultimately you’re responsible for maintaining your website.

If you then setup your website and forget the login credentials, then we cannot help you. It’s your website. We don’t have your admin credentials. We can’t login to your site, and we cannot reset your password for you. Not without essentially “breaking in through the window” so to say. So if you also don’t have your admin credentials, then you will have to do the breaking in yourself. But breaking in is more difficult than walking through the door, which is why it gets a bit more technical.

So the answer you got is about as simple as it can be. Because web hosting is inherently a technical product. If you don’t want to do or learn anything technical, then, stick to, or another managed service. But be prepared to pay a lot more for the same features.

There is one option to reset the admin password that has not been discussed yet: by using Softaculous.

If your website was installed with Softaculous, then you can also login to the admin panel of your website by going to the Installations list in Softaculous, and then click the “Login as admin” button next to your website. You will be logged in to your site without needing any username or password.

You can just manage your website this way. But we do recommend to go into your profile settings in WordPress and edit your password, so you can login to your website directly without using Softaculous.

On another note, I checked your site and while WordPress is still installed, the site itself is actually hosted with If you publish a website from, it will overwrite files from your currently install website.

You can fix your WordPress website and get rid of like so: How to fix a corrupted WordPress installation

But that’s also a quite technical operation. If you don’t want to do that, just getting rid of the current and WordPress sites and just starting over is more straight forward.

It’s the panel on, where you manage all your hosting accounts and so on. Not to be confused with the hosting control panel at

If you have a different name for it, I’d love to hear it.


Thanks. I got it! I think I’m good to go now. Thanks again. -De McClung

Thanks. “Above my paygrade” is just a figure of speech. Actually I don’t have a boss. I don’t get paid. If I did have a boss I’d ask him to hire an IT guy to help me with this stuff. LOL I did ask myself but myself said I can’t afford my own IT guy. So I’ll just have to figure it all out on my own. I got several replies that were somewhat helpful, but in the end I managed it. Thanks again. -De McClung Cheers.

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