Refusal to display an image, an error occurred while trying to load

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Refusal to display an image, an error occurred while trying to load.
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I just put online the site which seems to work properly except for the page where the exhibition photo chateau-heron-blanc.jpg refuses to display.

With Safari’s “page resources”:

A click on the image: chateau-heron-blanc.jpg, indicates: an error occurred while trying to load the resource.

Double-clicking takes you to page 403.

With Google and a live test:


Redirection error


All the pages of my site are designed in the same way (were downloaded in FTP on the host with Dreamweaver CS6) and do not reproduce this problem!

I don’t understand where it came from. I begin.

Could you help me ?

Thanks in advance.
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It is because the image does not exist on your website, and make it sure that you have uploaded the images inside the htdocs.

Just like this, this one is correct and the image exists inside your htdocs:

But not this one, cause it does not exist inside your htdocs:

In order to fix, simply add/upload the image chateau-heron-blanc.jpg inside the htdocs folder, with the same name, same path.


Thank you. But the image exists inside my htdocs.

Also Care about letter cases. Our servers are CaSe Sensitive.

And can you take a screen shot of where the file is located?


Thanks.I give you a screen shot of the htdocs. Are there problems ?

Annotation 2020-06-30 152050

I’m sorry but the image really doesn’t exist, there is no even a subdirectory or folder. Upload the image inside htdocs and try again.

Can I also see an screenshot inside the homepage or just before the htdocs folder?

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Is what you want ? I begin.

Thank you, seems like your htdocs is not updating…

Could you try to delete the chateau-heron-blanc.jpg, and add it back? Or rename the image chateau-heron-blanc.jpg into something and rename also the image src in the himeji-okayama.html.

I just delete the chateau-heron-blanc.jpg and add it back.
In fact, I did previously the 2 things that you ask me to do.In vain.
When I click on the image: chateau-heron-blanc.jpg, on himeji-okayama.html, that indicates: an error occurred while trying to load the resource.
Double-clicking takes you to page 403.
Google says: Redirection error.
I have not this thing on others pages.

There is no really a chateau-heron-blanc.jpg image inside the htdocs. Hmmm… :thinking:


you need to rename that image because it starts with the word “chat” (chateau-heron-blanc.jpg)
and this is not allowed


Congratulation ! You are wright.I rename my image heron-blanc,jpg et it works well. Using chat… is a trap.
Thank you very much for your help !

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Thanks for your help.Beginning with chat is a trap.

Chat scripts are forbidden here so word “chat” (in file name) causing a security system to block it
(blacklist = error 403)

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t even know that the “chat” name is not allowed even just in an image name or file name, you’re welcome too! Make sure that you mark this topic as solved!

Thank you @Oxy, I learned something new today!

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The hardest part is being the first to respond to the user’s problem,
because then there are a lot of unknowns
(that’s why I appreciate the courage of anyone who decides to “throw himself into the fire” and be the first to react).

It’s easy to be smart (like here in my case) when much of the debugging is done and problematic file is isolated.

No one can remember all the rules and behavior of the server and therefore it is crucial to have a fresh and rested brain…To me, as a moderator… just the fact that I have to read every post
and thinking whether it is in accordance with the rules or not; takes away much of the concentration and after 100 posts I already become quite tired.

How much someone contributes to the forum can’t just be seen through the number of “solutions”
because as I stated at the beginning,
great help is just done by posts (users) that narrow down all possible problems until there is only one left !

Unfortunately, the glory is always taken away by the last person who say something “smart” :smile:

btw. please do not reply to this post
because we are offtopic and that forum is not flooding OP with unnecessary notifications
Thx !


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