Redundant Servers

Can InfinityFree and/or Premium be set up to have two accounts pointed to by one custom domain name?
I am on InfinityFree and tried to set this up and it said not allowed.
I am considering upgrading to Premium in a few months. Is this a feature that Premium can support?
The point of this is to have redundant servers so that one at a time can be taken down to have zero-downtime deploy. Very advanced for free hosting, I do understand.


That’s not exactly possible at all, no matter where you host your website. Generally, load balancing is done by receiving requests into one “master” server, which then sends requests to “slave” servers that process and respond to the request.

If you point one domain at two accounts, it will be completely random (Technically not, but theoretically close enough) as to what server will be chosen for the request to be actually shared with. Basically, if you point the domain to two servers, when someone makes a request to the site, it will either go to Server A, or Server B, you don’t get to choose. And if Server A is chosen, but is down, the request will fail even though Server B is available, that’s just how the internet works.

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Or perhaps you want something like CD?


you can sign up @ and link your site with them, they have an allways online option you can enable so that if your site is ever down they will serve the pages from their cache although im not sure if this can be used for what you require

might be worth taking a look at ?


Short answer: if you want highly available hosting with redundant servers, don’t use web hosing.

Web hosting is designed to be easy to use and reliable enough. Having redundant network connectivity, power, the ability to install security updates without reboots and good, proactive monitoring makes it possible to achieve 99.9% uptime, or even higher, without requiring the website owner to accommodate for it. It is possible to make, say, WordPress highly available. But it takes much more effort and much more money.

If you want to make it run on multiple servers, there are a lot of things you need to think about. Does your website use a database? Then you need to make sure the databases on both accounts are kept in sync. Do you ever upload files to your site, like images? Those also need to be copied to both servers. Updates to WordPress and the plugins and themes on it? You also need to make sure those are done on both servers at the same time.

And a web hosting service provides absolutely zero tools to help you with this. Because, people don’t use web hosting like this.

Is it possible? Absolutely! I’ve done it. Cloud hosting providers can provide managed, highly available database servers, managed load balancers and object storage for media. I could then use a modified version of WordPress that’s easier to build and distribute centrally (Bedrock) and ship it through Docker containers to a cluster of servers to run it.

The entire setup costed $100+ per month and imposed many limitations on how the site could be used and managed. And introduces a lot of moving parts which can break and cause their own outages. But it’s very fault tolerant and very scalable.

A simpler site may not need file uploads or even a database. But also then other services likely exist that provide a more clear path towards making your site highly available instead of using two web hosting accounts.

Setting up the same domain on two hosting accounts is possible if the hosting provider doesn’t use a single DNS cluster, which I think iFastNet doesn’t use for premium hosting. But that should be the least of your worry given the long list of things to take care of.


Thank you! I do know how to set up servers redundantly!

Setting up the same domain on two hosting accounts is possible if the hosting provider doesn’t use a single DNS cluster, which I think iFastNet doesn’t use for premium hosting.

I am making plans about scalability. I will try premium hosting when I am ready to upgrade.
Thank you for helping me with the other terms for this (ie, “load balancing”); that will help me learn more about the topic I am trying to setup.

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