Redirects to suspended domain

I have recently deactivated my account. But now my website is becoming a damn build board for some I am really confused on why this is happening and I would like to figure out how to stop this.

Hello there,

Please check the Knowledge Base first next time.
Please read the following KB article about your issue:


I have already looked at this article and I have stopped my domain from pointing to the infinityfree servers and I have waited 24 hours but it still shows And I am not sure if you read my whole post you would know that I deactivated my account intentionally.

You may have to wait for DNS propogation.


Just like what @Fury_Phoenix said, you’ll have to wait until your domain’s DNS is fully propagated, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours for DNS to fully propagate, it depends.
Also you may try clearing your browser cache.

And if you had read the whole article, you would know that the fact that you deactivated the account before the website was fully transferred to your new provider is exactly the reason why you see this error now.


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