Redirection to Ads site on my new site

this is my site ( )
this is the redirect ads site ( - Informationen zum Thema wysasys. )
i installed through softaculous → wordpress → no plugin no theme
i get Domain Name from freenom
of-course its fresh website before i tried 3 times to install fresh
on the first time of opening website redirect to this ads
also Cloudflare SSL is enabled
i tried in every devices & every network
But it’s Fails

ALERT that wysasys - Informationen zum Thema wysasys.
is Malware its your own risk

note that above ads site is redirect to some EASY ZIP TAB EXTENSION

I don’t see any malware redirect on your site (tested with Iliad’s 4G+ connection on my iPhone 8, as you can see on the screenshot below):

Maybe there is a malware on your computer that injects its JavaScript redirect to another page on the code of your website; can you please download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware to remove it or try another browser?

I’ve even done a DNS lookup on, and tried to visit every single IP to see the results. They redirect to Google, and what happens if you visit only the domain itself without any string attached? It redirects to Google too. So some pages on that site will actually redirect to ads, and that’s the cause of a malware on your computer or a faulty extension that contains malware or viruses on your browser.

thanks for ur reply
but when i check both iphone and android without adblock extension
it’s showing ads

Then try to enable adblock again, so it should work without problems, or install Brave Browser on your phones, tablets and computers.

haha but i need to find what is the problem with
only my site show this type of ads
so any malware injected in softaculous or freenom DNS or infintyhost :wink:

InfinityFree, Freenom and Softaculous do NOT inject any type of malware into the sites. I tried and all the sites installed through Softaculous work without ad redirects on my end; tested with my iPhone 8 and MacBook Pro (11-inch; Late 2011) and my dad’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with three different Italian fiber and mobile network operators: TIM, Vodafone and Iliad.

oh really yeah it will not show always but sometimes its popup into new tab
this site is just installed a hour ago before i reinstalled 3 times because of this same ads site:(

For me all the pages work and I don’t get ads everywhere I click. That leaves us with only a problem: the network itself injects ads on the website. Ask your network administrators to remove the ad JavaScript code from your website.

on the first time of installation i tried soo many free nulled types of plugin & themes
i thought that make problems but it is fourth time :sob:
anyways thanks for ur reply
i will send u screenshot of ads if i got later

Nulled plugins are not supported on free hosting, and are an abuse of their TOS. Please remove any nulled plugin (if there are on your site) immediately.

but i tried in 2 or 3 networks
one of those is government networks
i look previous forum thread about this same problem but diffrent ads
admin told DNS is injected

yeah i know i tried for experimental purpose
now my site is totally clean but with some same ads :cry:

Their IP isn’t attacked, at least for me and other users on this forum, but maybe the nameservers are on your country attacked with some code that they add on the websites you visit hosted on InfinityFree (even yours). However, I don’t have ads even on Ergastolator Website, that uses a gTLD bought from Namecheap from €1.49 for the first year pointed to Cloudflare with their nameservers and the A record is pointed to an AWS Elastic IP of my Ubuntu 18.04 istance with a HTTP server installed, always with Cloudflare.

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