Redirection not working?


I made a redirection for using he control panel but it doesn’t work.
Do you have problem with redirection actually?

Thank you

What is it redirecting to? We need some more info.

Seems like the IP your website is on is down for now, as I can’t access your website… You’ll have to wait until it gets fixed for the redirect to work.


Than you

for testing i put the site of the first French tv channel

It still doesn’t work…

It seems something strange has happened with your subdomain. The IP address of your account is, but your subdomain is pointing to, which is not actually a website IP.

Please try removing the domain from the account and then adding it again. That should recreate the DNS records for your domain on our end and likely fix this issue.

You may want to try the Redirects menu in the client area instead, it’s much better.


I just tried whey the domain

The redirection work
But google at he received a code 202 not 301.

Si you know why?

Works for me :+1:
If you continue getting that error, please empty your browser’s cache and flush your DNS cache.

As i said, the redirection is working.

But google (and other http checker) says they receive code 202.

Si you know why?

Thank you

Here is what i get when the redirection is working

You mean the 200 OK code? The 200 OK code means that a web resource has successfully loaded.

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I think the 200 status code is caused by this security system:

The redirect will work fine for browsers, as they first get the security check and are then redirected to the other site. But any automated tools may not be redirected because they are blocked by our servers before reaching the code in your account.


I absolutely need google to get a 301.

I tryed with headers in php i have the same problem.

What can i do?

Thank you

I’m sorry, but there is nothing you can do. Our subdomains must use our hosting, and our hosting has this security system. So there is no way to get a 301 response on the initial request.

That said, I’m not sure how necessary it is in the first place. For the purposes of transferring SEO popularity to a new domain, I don’t know if it’s necessary to get the 301 response on the initial request, or that being redirected after passing the security check also works.


He send me an error that he can not get the 301.i want to use it for transferring.

Just to state very clearly:

I know that this is not the answer you were hoping to get. But this is how our hosting works, and we cannot make exceptions for you.


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