Redirecting without suspension!


I’m trying to redirect users inside my webpage. Unfortunately, it seems some methods of redirecting can get all your accounts suspended “due to abuse” :slightly_frowning_face:. I’d like to know what’s the safe go-to method for redirecting.

The “bad” way of redirecting witch got me suspended (using html meta-tags):
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=somefile.html">

Is, for example, redirecting with PHP or JS safe? (example below)

document.onload = window.location.replace("somefile.html");

Hello there,

I’m not really sure if that’s really the reason why your site is suspended because of abuse. Have you created a support ticket and asked the reason why your account got suspended? If not then please do so, so you will know the exact reason of your suspension.

Those three would be safe, I don’t see why your “redirection” is the cause of your suspension.

Yes I’ve made a support ticket. Here’s the answer I got.

all your free accounts / websites have been suspended by our free servers automated system abuse filter detectors, which are linked to your other free account redirection content: this is not allowed here. epiz_26121515/htdocs/index.html

The index file consisted of the meta-tag mentioned above. Now all my websites are running (with the index file deleted) but I would still like to redirect people, and I don’t want to get my accounts suspended again!

I really didn’t know you could get suspended because of that actually, I also used an HTML meta tag redirection here on InfinityFree but I didn’t get suspended for it.

Well if that’s the case then, I’m not really sure whether using PHP or JS to redirect your user is good but you might want to try it out.

Is this the full explanation they gave to you or is there like an additional stuff attached?

Excluding the advertisement for iFastNet Premium, yes it was the whole answer.

Well this is really the first time I encounter this. So maybe you might want to try using an alternative way of redirecting user like don’t auto redirect them to a page, let them click a button letting them know if you want to redirect them? I’m not sure.

It’s safe to make redirection

At least don’t break the rules of InfinityFree and iFastNet

Just noticed that they deleted the file to witch index.html was redirecting.

The files name was index.php (in a different folder) and it looked like this:

<!Doctype html>

(I hadn’t had time to add php.)
Could this weird file cause the suspension?

what is the destination of the redirect


Redirect from php or js is allowed but not to a thing that violates ToS



Seriously, where does the destination of your redirection?


Well I’ll hope this doesn’t happen again. Here’s the full list of specifications of the webpage to avoid.

  • custom domain .ga
  • SSL from infinity free
  • .htacces file in the htdocs folder

.htacces file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-Forwarded-Proto} =http
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI}
  • index.html file in the htdocs folder


   <!-- HTML meta refresh URL redirection -->
   <meta http-equiv="refresh"
   content="0; url=folder">
   <p>The page has moved to:
   <a href="folder">this page</a></p>
  • folder called folder in htdocs folder
  • index.php inside folder called folder


<!Doctype html>

File system looks like this:


Yeah what I can conclude with my limited knowledge is that the “meta tag redirection” redirects to a destination which is against the Terms of Service. But really not sure.

Why not just use a Redirection from your domain registrar or using the Redirect section from the control panel?

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