Redirected you too many times

I just upload my ssl certificate and after that i redirected my site http to https
after few hours i try to visit my site its show redirect you too many times but i am getting my ssl
so how to solve this issue

How did you try doing the redirect? I ask because if you try to redirect an address to the exactly same one but with https, it’ll still keep redirecting you even after you’re at the https version. This is because identical addresses lead to the same page with the same rules, just one is secured with an SSL, and the other isn’t.

If i remove redirect then i am not getting https its showing unsecured site how to solve this issue i have install ssl also certificates are NOT trusted by every browser without a certificate chain, because it’s NOT integrated on the browsers. You need to install another certificate, resulted attendible, like Comodo CA Free Trial one, or if you have a credit card with enough credit, to buy a new one that is NOT an certificate.

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