Redirect to suspended-website

Website URL:

My website is redirected to suspended-website. but the status on my dashboard is active.

Please help.

No issue, pls clr ur cache.


Can you please check if any of the following causes applies?

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About 10 minutes after posting this issue, my website was back online. I actually do not know what causes it, but when i logged in my account the status is active on my dashsboard. It does not say that it is suspended.

As you can read in the article I linked to: there are many reasons why you may see this page. The account being suspended is one of those reasons. But the article lists 6 other ones too.

Don’t read too much into the domain name. Yes, it says or, but like the article clearly shows, it doesn’t mean your account is suspended.


It works for me. Try clearing your browser cache or using another browser.



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