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epiz_26573365 /

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I can not log in to my platform, by entering the username and password and clicking ‘sign in’, I am redirected to “”, the same happens when resetting the password (you guys can try putting any email and trying to get in, the same thing will happen).

Other Information

I’m even using a domain offered by InfinityFree, to ensure that the problem is not in the domain. The scripit I used on the platform is working properly, I’ve reinstalled the script several times, changed domain and created new databases, but nothing works. I’d been able to get in before. Can someone help me? Grateful.

Which script??
Your domain shows suspended


Next time, please think before posting whether you want help or want to leave. Nobody here can help you if you ask a question and simultaneously deactivate your account. And by doing so you’re wasting the time of people who want to help you.


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