Redirect to Freenom

When I go to my website, it sends me to Freenom malware website. What is the issue?

That’s bcos ur domain is using Freenom nameservers…

change your name server from
to : ,


How do I do that exactly?

Try this article:

Or maybe this one:


I dont have anything in my control panel that has anything about nameservers or a way to change them. My website used to work and now it doesnt, I didnt change anything or any servers.

Not in your website control panel, but in your domain’s DNS options in Freenom. How did you get it to work before?

Ok heres the deal. Apparently I missed the renewal date. So now I have a website that does not work and cannot be renewed. Is there a way to transfer it to a different domain? Like right now my website is but I want to change it to .com, is that possible.

You need to include as addon domain, followed by migrating data and database(s) from Any code break you have to troubleshoot yourself…


yes, it’s possible, but you need to buy .com domain from or another agents. after that connect it to

You can’t change tld, you need to cancel your previous domain and register new

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