Redirect to 404 page


I just uploaded all my files and my site is just redirecting to a 404 page when I type in my addon-domain.

What could I have done wrong?

Hello @memaxwell. Did you add your domain recently to our hosting account? Keep in mind that it may take some time for a process called DNS Propagation to take effect. For some domains you can see the new content instantly, but for some domains it may take time from few hours to even 3 days. It is process that slowly applies nameserver changes of your domain to all the ISPs of world. If you recently came to our hosting and recently added your domain then you must wait for a bit.

Another reason why you may be seeing this is because of incorrect configuration or the files that you added are broken or glitched. If you moved your files from old host to us there is a chance that you may have forget to move the databases if your site had some.

If the files that you moved are some kind of forum software files or CMS files then you may need to move databases too and rechange configuration settings.

But i think you may just need to wait some time till DNS Propagation takes effect.

Pleased to help,