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I tried system redirect at domains/ Well I chose the Temporay option, and I tried to redirect to, and it worked, when I deleted it I was still redirected to Google, even though I deleted cookies (valid only for my browser) I tried on my mobile phone it happened but the browser on my PC has an extension that is important to check my website. any solution?

I checked your site but I see a PlayTube installation page, no redirect to Google.

Please try clearing your browser cache (not cookies, those don’t matter), or check your site in Incognito Mode.


Thanks bro, It’s not a redirect anymore, I think" why is that?

Nulled software is not allowed on this hosting. Additionally, the 10MB file size limit would make it very hard to host videos here, which seems to be the purpose of the script.

If you’re interested in creating a video sharing site, you’ll need way larger resources (such as a VPS or dedicated server), and of course to purchase the script or create one of your own/use a free solution (if one exists). Attempting to use free hosting for it will most likely result in a suspension.

In any case, please removed the nulled software from our hosting because you risk getting suspended at any moment.


Hi, that’s the video I saved to Google Cloud Storage, not to infinityfree, infinityfree only for SQL and web only, that’s it and it’s normal isn’t it? So please don’t susped the account, because I use Google Cloud Storage as the video storage

Yes, that’s normal, but your PlayTube script is nulled (on the installation process, it had a link to a nulling forum and allowed you to enter any purchase code), so it still isn’t allowed.

If you’d be willing to pay $99 for a license, I’d be surprised if you’d want to stick with free hosting and not use a paid solution which could offer more.


I try to understand the “features” first, sis, because later if you buy a large hosting and it turns out there is a bug my loss, and it has a discount, so you don’t have to be surprised ok. and And you must ask, why don’t you buy 99$ for web hosting first? Because I want to try the GMN Playtube, and for hosting problems, it will be after the V 3.0.2 update because 3.0.1 has a bug, and the developer said, it will be fixed soon, because later when I give it to web hosting there are users who upload videos and I change to V 3.0.2 automatically the data is deleted, so that’s it

and i delete folder install

For a sake keep your nulled applications to your local devices, the hosting providers have to follow copyright law that is why nulled apps are not tolerated and they don’t want to get sued over someone else’s wrong doing.


No need to get aggressive. I understand wanting to try out the features of a software before you buy it; but you should limit that to your local environment (testing it on a local installation). Nulled software is still pirated software, and is illegal to be hosted online, so it could get both you and the hosting is trouble.

So long as you use legitimate software, it’s your choice to want to try using a free hosting first; I’m just warning you that you’ll run in its limitations soon enough, and might feel frustrated with the effort you did in setting it up.

In any case, as this has veered off topic, I won’t respond anymore; it’s your choice how to proceed, but don’t be surprised if you’re suspended.


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