Redirect IP request to Domain URL

hi everyone,
i need a little help about how can i redirect my server IP so it goes to my domain name ( to my website )
my website is :
it`s ip address is :

and i use infinityfree hosting
and freenom name server

please help

Change the name server on freenom to and and add your domain to your account. Is there a reason why you need to use freenom nameservers?

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it is not that
the domain name is already pointed to infinityfree nameservers
you can see the web site “”
the thing is that i need to point my hosting ip which is “”
so it goes to the site and not to error web page

You need to wait for dns propagation, which can take up to 72 hrs

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after that if i type my host ip address in the browser it will redirect me to my website ?

Hi, that is not possible until you have a dedicated IP address for your domain. The IP address you are mentioning is a shared IP address used by many other domains, so it can’t point to your domain name.

If you want a dedicated IP address then you will need to purchase it with premium hosting. Then, your site IP address will point to your domain name.


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