redirect does not well ... redirect

I set a redirect using the redirect but instead of redirecting to where I want it to redirect it goes to the main page. I am using WordPress so I want to redirect the IP address of my site to go to the WordPress site.

For starters, you cannot control what’s being displayed on the IP address your website is on. IP(v4) addresses are of limited quantity of the world, so we host many websites from different customers on a single IP address, as all shared hosting providers do.

Please note that setting up a redirect will redirect EVERY URL on your website. So if you set up a redirect for, then, and will be redirected as well.

If you installed a script to a subdirectory, I’d recommend you either:

  • Move or reinstall the script to the base URL of your domain (you can set it in Softaculous when installing your script, but most don’t check it and use the default subdomain instead).
  • Setup a PHP redirect to only redirect the specific URL. To do so, create a file called index.php with the contents <?php header('location: /wp/');
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