Redirect all 404 to homepage

Hello how can I redirect ALL 404 pages to the / homepage?

Use ControlPanel Error Pages option…!


If you are using WordPress download plugin named 404 error redirect

It would be preferred to use the error pages in the control panel, as avoiding WP plugins whenever possible is preferred.

I would recommend the .htacess solution. Go to your htdocs folder, create a .htaccess file. Type in ErrorDocument 404 / and save.

This method would give you the most flexibility. You can specify different error redirects in different folders. You can even specify other error redirects not available in the CPanel, like 500 Internal Server Error.

I typically add a GET parameter to the redirect. For example, ErrorDocument 404 /?error=404 This would pass the error value 404 to the home page and home page can display appropriate notices as desired.



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