Reddit-like Forum

I was looking about a CMS that was similar to reddit with also the subreddits like /r

I noticed that there was a mod for Discourse but unfortunateley that software cannot run on InfinityFreem there is a good CMS for that?

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The whole system of Reddit is custom made hence it doesn’t use any known CMS. Alternativelly you may need to code one yourself.

This and also calling it subreddit outside reddit is going to obviously look like a reddit copy, be creative.


I found this on a google search, I haven’t tried it


Last update 3 years ago… I’d be wary of security vulnerabilities this script may have (if it still runs, of course).


Here’s a guy who wrote a Reddit clone using PHP / Laravel:

Creating Reddit clone with PHP and Laravel part 1

Reddit clone with PHP and Laravel part 2

He’s got sample code on GitHub:

Laravel had some major changes in the 3 years, although you could code one on your own (I can never recommend enough to develop your applications locally) using such codes from 3 years ago isn’t a good idea.


Not only that, but the number of hits you’d recieve for a reddit-like site would put you under suspension in no time.


There isn’t many pre-built Reddit clones. You have to code your own.


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