Receiving image from api violate TOS on sexual content?

I am creating a viewer for an image board, and this board does allow NSFW content. So I want the user to be able to put the id of the image they want to see /search?id=0 and it will simply return the image from the source website. So I am wondering if this specifically would break TOS if it returns an NSFW image.

I will not be showing NSFW images just by browsing on the main page, however. So the user would have to specifically put in an NSFW id to receive the image.

Thanks for your help!


We don’t allow you to host or show any adult content on your site, so yes, it would be a breach of terms, and you could be suspended for it.

However, if you are actively monitoring your site and nobody is spamming these things, it probably won’t be noticed and you will be fine.


Well, because it simply embeds the image from the source website in the image tag, the image wouldnt be on the server. And the browse page will only show SFW content, so hopefully im fine. Thanks for the help

I believe this will not work on free hosting

No, it will work fine. Embedding images hosted here on other sites doesn’t work, but embedding images from other site on a site here is no problem (as long as the other site doesn’t block it).


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