Receiving ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on specific computer

After waiting over 72 hours for DNS caching to finish I am still unable to reach my website.

I receive the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on my desktop. The weird thing is I am able to access the website on my laptop and phone.

I have tried the following solutions to no avail:

  • Restarting router
  • Clearing browser cache
  • Checking proxy settings
  • Temporarily disabling firewall
  • Clear DNS cache
  • Changing DNS server
  • Using different browsers

I am wondering is there a reason why a specific computer is unable to reach a specific site? All other online functionality works on this computer, just searching for my specific site doesn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Try from another network or device?

As I said the website works on both my phone and laptop. It seems only my desktop is unable to connect. I am curious if there are reasons as to why a specific computer would be unable to connect.

Yes, I have tried all of these solutions unfortunately none of them worked out for me.

Contact your carrier?

I was able to find the solution. It was a very weird one but hopefully may help someone in the future.

Navigate to your “hosts” file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc).
Windows looks at this file before DNS and if there is an entry there for the site you are trying to get to, there will be a problem.
I opened the file up and deleted the entry for my website and it worked.
I suspect this was an issue since I was initially hosting this site locally before switching to an online host.


Glad that you were able to fix it yourself, even though you didn’t mention this:

You are right, I didn’t realize that it would be pertinent.

Thanks for the help!

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