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I’ve been using Infinity Free for some months now and I am really happy with it except for this problem. Every two or three days when I try to access the website (and sometimes even while using it) I receive an 502 Bad Gateway error. Sometimes the web doesn’t work for five minutes and sometimes it takes up to one hour to work again. This has happened to me since I started using Infinity Free but it seems its getting a little worse lately as it’s happening more often.

When it fails I’ve tried connecting with phones from two different phone operators and from computers connected to fiber connections from different ISPs and locations. All of them receive the same error. When the site works again it comes back in all those devices at the same time.

At first I was thinking that maybe it’s something I have to deal with as it is a free hosting but reading about it I’ve seen that it doesn’t seem to happen so often to everyone else. Maybe it’s some problem with my account?

I’ve even considered paying for the premium hosting but I’m afraid that if it’s no a problem of being free then I would continue having the same issue.

Maybe this?


Hi akshayan.

I’m sure that’s not the problem because I’m having issues since I started using Infinity Free 4 or 5 months ago and it seems that those stability problems started just two days ago. In any case my web page is on

Anyway thank you for answering!

Can you provide your website URL? If you are using WordPress, check if you are using heavy themes and plugins.


I checked again and it seems that the announcement was incomplete: the IP address is also having issues (although mainly the 502 Bad Gateway ones, less so the Connection Refused errors). The cause and solution are the same though.


Sorry for the late reply. The site is A couple of hours ago it was offline again.

As I said before I don’t think that the current problem with the servers is the cause as I’ve been having this issue for many months now. In any case I’m going to try one of the solutions proposed and migrate my site to a new account to see if it gets better.

Thanks again.


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