I was using your hosting website, 1 year ago, I created a wordpress site, and it got deactivated like 5 months ago, I just wanted to ask, if it’s possible to reactivate it or atleast get the data that was on it. The website link was :, and it was on epiz_23513329 account.

Welcome @L.ccc11 :slightly_smiling_face: When I clicked on the link it goes to a WordPress blog, see the screen shot at the bottom. Clicking on the admin link takes me to a WordPress admin login screen, this may not be your site, but the URL does work.

Check the knowledge base about deactivating an account, it may be too late to reactivate or retrieve anything from it


When you deactivate an account, we keep the account around for at least 60 day in part so you can still reactivate it and retrieve any files or other content from the account. But after that 60 day period, the account will be terminated, and all content of the account is permanently deleted from our servers.

If you checked the client area and the account is no longer there, that means the account is gone. And if so, I’m sorry to say there is nothing to reactivate, backup or retrieve left here.


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