Reactivated account not actually reactivated

my site under construction
url =
(I guess it is the right url, since I am no longer able to see it in the CPanel, and strangely does not mention PluriLogia & sgrpb7 … mistery).

which had been deactivated and I apparently managed to reactivate, when trying to access it (in a private window), shows this (i mean, there is an automatic redirection) :

I see this:

The domain does not seem to be connected to any account at the moment.

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I dunno what to say. That url (shown in CPanel) does not even seem the real one.
I had to use FF debugger to inspect pages in order to find this one :
that actually seems my under construction page.
CPanel is not so intuitive in every aspect. Strange that one’s own domain name is so deeply buried in option that I was not able to get it in normal ways and I had to scan all pages with the “debugger” searching for strings … really at a loss !
Anyway, tnx for your so prompt reply !

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Do you mean the main domain? It is supposed to be tied to your account and also supposed to always be redirected to the suspended page.
You can find your website domain in the domain section of cpanel, which you can assign/remove.


This is indeed an intended function for the main domain (which you shared), you can read the section of this article if you’re interested in how it works and what it’s used for.

Your actual domains should be in either the “Addon Domains” or “Sub Domains” option in the “Domains” section as mentioned by @Ziverre above.


tnx for now … I have to study a lot your reply. English is not my mother language :\


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