Reactivate the account

The Staff is closing my Support Ticket without even Reading the ticket. There is no response from them, I am trying to get my suspended account ( epiz_29714525) get back, but they just close the ticket. Please reactivate my account. I’ve given the proper reason in the ticket already. Thank You. :frowning:

Suspensions are temporary. What your client area says?

Nothing. Just one reply from them, “Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.”, then ticket get’s closed :frowning:

Hello @YashMehla,

  1. The staff is not a part of IF.
  2. There would’ve been some reason. Maybe they already replied.

No no. Open this >
Go to hosting account that’s suspended
What the red box says?

Currenly i Created a new ticket so it’s showing VIEW SUPPORT TICKET, but after sometime the staff will close it without giving any reason. :frowning: … after some time it will again show Create a support ticket. :frowning:

This is expected if you violate TOS


But i didn’t voilate any TOS, I didn’t do anything wrong. I am a user of Infinityfree for likely a year. I just created a Test subdomain. uploaded files in it… and connected php and mysql database. just after 30 secs i got mail from them and account suspended… i am not able to login. I never did break the TOS. idk what gone wrong :frowning:

Are you sure?

TOS says to Not to harm anybody, and I’m doing it for educational purposes. Even if i ever harmed then i agree to infinityfree to even delete my account without letting me know. but if i didn’t Harmed anyone, Didn’t abused anybody then I need my account to get reactivated it again. Yes i am sure that i didn’t break the TOS.

Even it’s okay if they don’t reactivate but atleast I want my all files backup. It has my all one year progress… Can you lose your whole one year progress with just a mistake which don’t even harm somebody?
First i want my account to reactivated. but if they don’t then atleast they must provide me a backup. I don’t wanna lose my all progress i made :frowning:

I dont think you’ll ever get a backup if it was suspended due to malware.

No, there is not any malware or virus… there is not anything suspecious… still my account get suspended :frowning:

Ok, can you tell what content the code consisted of?

It was my first webpage which is integrated with php. For forms. it was a project assigned by my teacher … in this i have to connect my html form and then save the added details to the mysql database using php. there is options like- Username, password, name, gender and suggestion box. and at end the submit button. just this… but after i connected it to the mysql database … within 30 seconds i received the mail that account get suspended. then i was automatically get logged out from my file manager and php myadmin…

this is how the html page looks. but after i clicked submit after checking it weither it’s working or not… my account get suspended. i don’t think i did anything wrong :frowning:

I suggest patience is the answer.

Phishing is phishing, and we have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding it. Under no circumstances are any kind of phishing content allowed on our hosting. No matter if it was only done for “educational purposes” or whatever other reason you or anyone else comes up with.

We’re not going to ask nicely, we’re not going to give advance warnings. Phishers are the scum of the earth and we have no intent to help them harvest their stolen credentials before shutting their accounts down, erasing evidence or redirecting people to the next phishing page.

If you upload phishing content to our hosting, you are out. We will not reactivate your account, will not give you your files, and will never host anything for you ever again.

Go away.