Reactivate my account

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My account has been deactivated. Grateful if it could be reactivate asap…

Did your account get suspended? By how, what’s the reason? You can find and see it on your account client area.

Or Submit/Create a support ticket to know the reason.

If your domain/account has been suspended for CPU Limit, Daily Limit, MySQL Limit, EP Limit, then your account will only reactivated after or within 24 hours and you can’t reactivate it immediately or ASAP.

But if your account has been suspeded due to php scripts or abuse files then you can reactivate it ASAP by submitting a support ticket and by removing the abuse-script/file.


No, it hasn’t. As you can see in the client area, your account is active and has never been deactivated.

What makes you suspect your account is deactivated?


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