Reactivate Account

Good greeting
My account has been stopped for 24 hours and it has been 40 hours and has not been opened
Re-open My account
He’s been on a 24-hour clock and hasn’t been opened.

Your account has been temporarily suspended and is no longer open for more than 50 hours
Because he says wait a few moments and the site is not working yet, please help and solve the problem

It looks like your account was suspended for another reason than going over the daily limit. Unfortunately, the daily limit reason code was used for this, which is why the information in the client area was not correct.

I’ve fixed this for your account. Please submit a ticket from the client area to learn more about the suspension and check if your account can be reactivated.
How to access the client area
Please help solve this problem as quickly as possible

The client area is

What do I do in the client area to resolve this problem and how to create a ticket to resolve the problem I went to the customer area gave me this letter and did not open 500

Something broke while trying to process your request.

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