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I hav build a react app but after uploading the files, I see error “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT” in my browser and the site does not loads.
Can somebody help me clarifying what I am doing wrong.

Can you share your website URL and the page giving the error please? Thanks!

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This problem will be caused by an extension on your Browser. Possibly an AdBlocker, as they often block scripts from loading.


Here is the URL

I had an ad blocker enabled

But even after disabling it, its still not working.

When I open your website, most of it’s content is blocked by uBlock and I just get a blank page.

But when I disable uBlock, I can see the page.

So that is most probably an ad-blocker.

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This account does not have any domain names associated with it. If you want to host on it, you need to add it to the account first through the Subdomains section.


How long will it take for associated domain to be in effect?

You need to add the domain first, than it can take around 72 hours for DNS changes.

Thank you for the help.
Checked and it wasn’t there.

Here is what I see on

Thank you @Greenreader9 @Admin
Its working fine now.


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