Reached my 50 subdomain limit

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You have exceeded the your subdomain limit of 50.

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I don’t have a website, I’m using the subdomain to reroute traffic to another site. I created a lot of links with the subdomain and point them to the appropriate site. I reckon I have reached the 50 subdomain limit. I deleted a handful of previous subdomain created, but it still say I’m over my limit.

I read somewhere in a recent thread that it is possible to get more than 50 subdomain my making 3 accounts all under one email? Are they referring that I create the same domain name for the other two spots? I do have 2 other separate domains with some work on there. Is there a way to transfer those 2 accounts to a separate email so I won’t have to delete and readd the other domains on a new account.

And while we’re on the subdomain topic. I accidentally created a few domain that was has a typo error, I deleted them right away when noticed. I use my file manager a lot to change the redirects quickly. All those delete or folders are still there and I want to permanently delete these old folders (a real eye sore), but it says I don’t have permission to do so. Help what can I do?

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So what’s the easiest way to create more than 50 subdomains? Without deleting a portion of my work.

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Hmm, I’m not aware of any limits being present on the maximum number of subdomains.

Where and when does it say you hit this limit?

From the client area, you can create up to three hosting accounts under your profile. Those three accounts are completely separate with different login details, files, databases and - very importantly - limits.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to delete the old domain dirs. You can delete their contents, but not the folders themselves. Sorry.


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