RE: image resize functionality

This one has popped up already as part of a bigger question of image/video processing support. Mine is much more modest, all I need (and missing as of now) is support for Imagick (PHP: ImageMagick - Manual) class in PHP to be able to resize uploaded images.

Even better option would be an ability to run system() call for convert and morgify - imageMagic tools.

Any plans to support one of these things?

No, we have no plans to support those things.

For image conversion, the GD library is available. I’ve never had to do any image manipulation code myself, but I believe GD does image resizing as well.

I’m not sure why Imagick is disabled, but as far as I know the majority of shared hosting providers block it so there must be a good reason.

system() and other shell command functions will never be allowed. From both security perspective (shells scripts are not affected by PHP sandboxing) and performance perspective (it’s easy to have long running shell scripts and it’s harder to restrict that than with PHP), there are very problematic, especially on free hosting.

We don’t allow media uploading and sharing sites to be hosted here anyways, which is why we have no intention whatsoever to start supporting complex media transcoding libraries.


GD for sure does, it’s just that GD is a pain in a butt to implement, that’s why there’s a more advance imagick that also has better overall performance as more functionality is moved into the library.

but well, ok, i got it. i’m definitely not trying to create a new youtube or instagram on the free platform, :smiley: i’m in fact about to save your and user’s bandwidth by automatically resizing pictures, that uploaded by the content authors.

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