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Oi maluco, boa tarde, tudo bem?
Eu fiz o que você indicou,limpei o cache e o DNS do meu aparelho celular e fiz novamente todo o procedimento!
Eu te agradeço pela a atenção![quote=“DeiseClara, post:1, topic:59926, full:true”]

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(other information and details relevant to your question)Fiz um subdomínio novo no dia 29.03.2022!,e está demorando a propagar!
Eu estou fazendo tudo por celular, será esse o problema?
Já estourei os três subdomínios aqui no InfinityFree,eu preciso trabalhar, alguém me ajuda?
Desde já agradeço.Boa tarde!


Hi crazy, good afternoon, how are you?

I did what you indicated, cleared the cache and DNS of my mobile device and did the whole procedure again!

I thank you for your attention!

I made a new subdomain on 03/29/2022!, and it’s taking a long time to propagate!

I’m doing everything by cell phone, is that the problem?

I’ve already blown up the three subdomains here at InfinityFree, I need to work, can someone help me?

Thank you in advance. Good afternoon!

I do not do personal support.

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This is the last time I am going to do this @DeiseClara. You need to use the “Create Topic” button in the upper right of the Forums homepage to create a topic. If you create more PMs with support questions, they will be deleted.

Also, and you have been asked multiple times, please type in English or use an online translator.


is working for me on laptop and mobile phone

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DNS propagation can take up to 72 hours, so no need to worry yet.

Given that the DNS resolvers are usually operated by your ISP, then your mobile ISP may be to blame here.



use this link to check when the name servers around the world are ready


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